Developed packaged Si chip having array of four micro heaters on SiO2 membrane.

> Integration of peizoelectric ZnO film with MEMs structure for acoustic sensors, in collaboration with CEERI Pilani , devices installed in PSLV flights C-9 onwards by VSSC

> Developed Table Top and low cost "Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) setup and Technology has been transferred to M/s Optiregion, Delhi.

> Packaged Gas Sensor devices based on nano-catalysts & integrated microheaters for for detection of various gases (H2S, LPG, H2, SO2 etc.)

> Demonstration of Accoustic Phonon confinement in ZnO nanoparticles (5-10 nm) under stress free boundary condition.

> Development of ZnO/ultrathin metal bilayer photodetector with enhanced responsivity for UV light.

> Successful removal of Arsenic from contaminated water to sub ppb level using oxide nano particles.

> Developed Ultra-violet (UV) photodetector devices based on Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Configuration, Schottky diode, Heterojunctions and Homo-junctions. 

> Development of electronic devices of Surface Accoustic Wave (SAW) Filters and resonators (35 to 500 MHz).