Ph.Ds Awarded


Gurpreet Kaur

Thesis Title: Metal oxide thin film based electrochemical and surface plasmon resonance biosensor (2018)


Reema Gupta,

Thesis Title: Development of multi-component material for energy harvesting and microwave resonator devices.(2017).


Punit Tyagi

Thesis Title: Detection of SO2 gas using Metal Oxide Gas Sensor (2017)



Savita Sharma

Thesis Title: Growth of multicomponent oxide films for ferrolectric applications (2016)


Akshta Rajan

Thesis title: Metal (Au ang Ag) incorporated Zinc oxide thin films for development of ultra violet photodetectors (2016)


Ayushi Paliwal

Thesis title: Growth and characterisation of Metal oxide
thin films.(2016)



Manvi Tak

Thesis Title: Growth and characterization of hybrid composite thin films for biosensing applications (2016)


Kashima Arora

Thesis Title: Developement of bioelectrodes based on metal oxides nanostructure matrices (2015)


Kajal Jindal

Thesis Title: Development of doped ZnO thin films exhibiting multifunctional properties for sensing devices (2015)


Surbhi Gupta

Thesis Title: Growth and characterization of pure & doped Prosvekite bismuth Ferrite Thin Films (2015)


Manisha Tyagi

Thesis Title: Development of NiO thin film based Junctions and functional electronic devices (2014)


Neha Batra

Thesis Title: Development of amperiometric biosensors based on ZnO thin film matrices for efficient detection of cholesterol and urea (2014)


Anjali Sharma

Thesis Title: Development of tin oxide (SnO2) thin film based low temperature operated NO2 gas sensors (2013)


Manish Verma

Thesis Title: Growth and characterization of nanocomposite thin films for sensor applications (2013)


V. Bhasker Raj

Thesis Title: Fabrication of metal oxide thin film based surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors for the detection of toxic vapors/gases (2013)


Shibu Saha

Thesis Title: Growth and characterization of ZnO thin films for biosensing application (2012)


Zimple Matharu

Thesis Title: Preparation and characterization of monolayers immobilized with proteins for applications to biosensors (2011)


Divya Haridas

Thesis Title: Studies on SnO2 thin film gas sensors for LPG and methane (2011)


Swati Shandilya

Thesis Title: Studies on electrical and optical proerties of c-axis oriented LiNbO3 thin films (2010)


Harish K. Yadav

Thesis Title: Growth and characterization of Multifunctional Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles and thin films (2008)


Avneet Singh

Research Interest: Integrated packaged conductometric gas sensors(Defence Awaited)


Lokesh Rana

Research Interest: Gas sensing and biosensing using surface acoustic wave device(Defence Awaited)


Namrata Dewan

Thesis Title: Development of TeO2+y thin films for sensor applications (2008)