Manisha Bharati
Development of piezoelelectric thin films for Surface Acoustic Wave based sensor devices

Shiva Lamichhane

Research Interest: Multicomponent Oxide Thin films for Functional Device Application.



Research Interest: Thin films for functional devices.


Dheeraj Kumar

Research Interest: Growth of thin films and Nanostructuress.


Sujit Kumar

Research Interest: MoS2 thin film based Gas Sensor and Bio sensor


Nidhi Dhull

Research Interest: Piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting applications


Surbhi Jain

Research Interest : Growth and Characterization of thin films for non linear optics


Shweta Sharma

Research Interest: Lead free Ferroelectric thin Films for Energy Harvesting.


Surbhi Gupta

Research Interest: Multifunctional materials for energy harvesting


Krishna K Halder

Research Interest: EMI shielding and solid state battery


Shaan Ameer

Research Interest: Multiferroic materials for photovoltaic applications


Sheetal Dewan

Research Interest: Semiconductor thin film based heterostructures for photonic devices