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Professor, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India

Academic Background: B.Sc. (Hons) B. Ed. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Physics), Delhi University

Experience: 23 years - Teaching, Research and Academic administrative experience

Teaching: Physics to undergraduate, graduate, M. Tech and Ph. D. scholars

Prof Vinay Gupta
Subjects Taught: M.Sc.: Physics (Theory), Core-Electronics, Solid-State Physics, EMT, Special-Adv. Electronics
M. Tech.: Nano-Science & Nano-tech. Electronics, Nano-sensors & Nano-electronics,Nuclear Science & Technology, Plasma Physics Laboratory

ResearchPublications: 385 Papers (287- Refereed Journals, 98-Int.Conf., 150-Nat. conf.)

Research Guidance: Ph.D.22(14 Awarded, 08 Pursuing)

Honors and Awards: 15

Sponsored Research projects: Principal Investigator: 21 (18-Executed successfully + 03- Effectively ongoing)

Research Interests: Semiconductor and Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors for gas/chemical/radiation/bio-molecules, Amperiometric/Photometric biosensors, Surfaceplasmon resonance (SPR) sensor, Nanostructured materials, Piezoelectric and ferroelectric thin films/ceramics, Pressure sensors, Nonlinear optical studies, SAW devices, MEMS transducersand Micro-heaters. Physio-chemical simulations of molecules, metals, oxide materials for theirfunctional properties, spintronics, micro-evaporators, plasmonics, SAW and SPR basedphenomena.
Technology/know-how transfers: 2

VSSC (ISRO) in PSLV flights (C9-onward) -Integrated piezoelectric ZnO film with MEMS structure of CEERI, Pilani for acoustic sensor deviceshave been installed
Optiregion, Ashok Vihar, Delhi-110052- Development of ‘Table-top Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Equipment’ for commercializationon 17-02-2015

Last updated on jan,23 2018

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